Happy new year!

The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong with the world. – Paul Farmer

In 2023 Sight is a Right had another productive year, creating four eye care clinics and serving a total of 7,800 patients in Carhuaz, Peru; Exuma, Bahamas; Savanna-la-Mar, Jamaica, and Mango Valley, Jamaica. We partnered with Great Shape! iCARE in the West Indies.

We performed:

  • 49 cataract surgeries
  • 28 MIG (glaucoma) surgeries
  • 28 SLT laser procedures for glaucoma
  • 32 PRP laser procedures for diabetic retinopathy
  • 3,421 health screenings for diabetes and hypertension

We distributed:

  • large quantities of medications, especially for glaucoma
  • 2,658 pair of mostly custom prescription glasses (annual record)
  • 4,791 reading glasses
  • 7,970 sunglasses

The value of goods and services for all of this life-changing work in 2023 is conservatively valued at ~US$2.53 million – all performed by our 143 amazing volunteers. We were able to conduct PRP laser procedures thanks to the generosity of our donors, which allowed us to purchase a green argon laser this year.

Glaucoma is epidemic in the world - especially in the areas where we serve. It is a pernicious disease that progressively destroys the optic nerve resulting in low vision and blindness. In most cases the patient feels nothing except for loss of vision which is often interpreted by the patient to be from normal aging. None of this damage is reversible, and left untreated will ultimately lead to total blindness. We diagnose glaucoma all day in our clinics. Our patients are educated on management, given several months of glaucoma medication, and even given SLT laser procedures, when available. Referrals are provided for additional treatment and maintenance. We also provide MIG surgeries when possible.

We are humbled by the impact we are able to make with our small numbers and meager resources. We welcome your support to remain strong to be able to continue changing lives and stopping blindness in its tracks. All Sight is a Right personnel are unpaid volunteers, allowing your donations to have the greatest impact.

Everyone deserves vision!

Your support in service and financially is always welcome and needed. Our efficiency is off the charts with an overhead of less than 1.4%. In other words, 98.6 cents of every dollar directly delivers goods and services to our patients throughout the world. We are able to accomplish this as Sight is a Right has no paid personnel.

Thank you, love and blessings,

Steven Stern
Founder / President / Executive Director
Sight is a Right

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