2021 brought a second challenging year in a row for international healthcare. Although we planned four missions in the countries of Peru, St. Lucia, and Jamaica - we were only able to conduct one for the entire year because we were unable to obtain ministry of health approval in Peru and Jamaica. Our St. Lucia clinic was a huge success (read about it in the “past missions” section).

We are hopeful that 2022 will shepherd in more normal times and we will be able to conduct our normal four weeks of clinic. Serving in St. Lucia proved to us that we can conduct safe clinics in pandemic times, and that the need for eye care doesn’t go away when there is a pandemic. People still need their eyes tested and people still go blind for lack of eye care. The need has never been greater.

We welcome your support to continue our work. Sight is a Right is an incredibly efficient organization with a super low overhead of only 1.4%. That means 98.6 cents of every dollar goes directly to deliver goods and services. Sight is a Right has no paid personnel. Your donations are efficiently used to improve sight and prevent blindness throughout the world.

Thank you and blessings,

Steven Stern
President / Executive Director

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